LED Professional Manufacture

Sales is just a begining, a chance to meet;

The after-sales service will be another chance to prove that our products & service are unique.

Wish that the beautiful things always happened.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose LED light ? Not halogen or HID?  

In comparison to Halogen and HID, LED light has the following advantages:

1.Small & light: LED chips are encapsulated in Epoxy resin. Small size allow manipulation for various shapes.

2.Low energy comsumption, more light less power.

3.Longer life span: Under normal condition, Halogen’s life time is around 1,000 hours; HID life time around  2,000 hours;

   While LED life time can reach at least 30,000 hours.

4.Environment friendly: No mercury is included. Easy for recycle.

5.Firm & durable: Encapsulated in Epoxy resin for good protection.

2. Payment terms

   We accept T/T,  Paypal

3. Delivery times

    Hot products or sample order will be sent in 3-5 days after 100% payment normally. New products need to be confirmed by discussing. Bulk Purchasing order will be send in 10-18days. If there is any delay we will notify you by E-mail and advise a likely date of despatch. The time taken between leaving our factory and arriving at your location. will depend on the choice you make on delivery options.

4. Warranty and after-services (Product Failure)

     We hope this never happens to you, and this is why we use high quality material and LED chips and test many times before sending out the goods carefully.  As we sell a wide variety of products the warranties and conditions differ from product to product, we will trty to make sure that you know what is for you purchased.

     If you have installed the product according to the instructions and used it for the purpose it is designed, and it has failed within the promised period,  then you deserve a replacement. We require as much information as you can supply (including pictures or videos if possible) to give us feedback on the cause of a failure to ensure we take that into consideration in our manufacturing process in the future.

   We promise to work hard on your behalf to ensure a replacement can be sent to you ASAP.

   Please note – However, we have the greatest confidence in all the products we produce, no one can warranty a product used in competition conditions, and we always recommend carrying a spare in that case!

 5. Return Process

    We hope that every part or accessory you buy from us is exactly what you expected and you never have to worry about returns.  But, since it is not a perfect world you may have to consider sending something back and here is our policy in that event. In all instances Returned Goods must be in their original undamaged packaging, unused,clean and in original condition or a re-packaging surcharge will be charged before finalising your purchase check to make sure that the product is what you want – for the majority of items there will be a picture and a description. Carefully review the list of cars a part fits, or any exclusions to ensure that it is right for your vehicle

     If you are at all unsure please feel free to call us or e-mail us to check to avoid any disappointment.  Remember we will in good faith, despatch what you ask us to and the confirmation e-mail you receive and the paperwork we will enclose will all confirm exactly what that was.When receiving your order please be sure to carefully unpack & check contents of your delivery ASAP, and make sure you don't damage the packaging in the process.  Ensure you have received what you expected, the earlier you find an error the quicker we can rectify it for you. Don't wait until the weekend when you are planning to leave on a trip to find the item is the wrong item,colour, or the hardwares.


6. We promised: 


Sales is just a begining, a chance to meet;

The after-sales service will be another chance to prove that our products & service are unique.

Wish that the beautiful things always happened.