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Could you please explain the benefits of CREE and Epistar?
The CREE and Epistar is very popular led chip and very famous in current led light market. The CREE is from USA and Epistar is from Taiwan.

Is CREE that much Brighter? Or Epistar just as good?
The CREE is better than Epistar, but of course the CREE price is higher than Epister. But if your customers are not at this led light field (not a professional person) or just do trials sell, it best you chose Epister for them.

The season:

1) Epistar is littler cheaper than CREE, final customer can easily accept

2) From visible, the brightness of two are similar at the beginning (CREE will be little bright than Epistar ), only different is after 6-10 months, the CREE led is bright as before, but Epistar will be bright lower and lower. But you don't worry the Epistar will not light, it is just not bright as before, but from visible user is not easy to find it.

How can I distinguish between CREE and Epistar